Danny Rockett

Performer, Composer, Musician 

About Danny

I was born in Elgin, Il in 1974 to an ex-nun musician and a stuttering translator. From then on in, it was a musical whirlwind. I've performed on stages and behind microphones across the United States and beyond. Broadway to Bar Rooms and Back. 

My music has appeared in film, television, radio and on the stage. I've toured the USA and Europe with theatrical productions and an irreverent comedy band.. I've been a court clerk on Law and Order and did an Arby's commercial with Joan Rivers. One time, Isaac Hayes sang my song which I had to teach him. I composed music for 5 full length musicals for The Possibility Project, a teen empowerment program. I've opened for the Strokes with the performance rawk band God The Band.  Toured with the 1st National tour of Rent and performed on Broadway in Jesus Christ Superstar. I was on As the World Turns. Produced a kids band Ham and Burger, made a couple of albums and did birthday parties. I lived in New York City for 18 years. Moved to Chicago in 2012 and began podcasting about the Chicago Cubs with The Son Ranto Show, culminating with becoming the host on NBC Sports Chicago's "Outside the Ivy" and fronting and composing for the Bleacher Bum Band while becoming the resident sound designer at the worl reknowned Trapdoor Theatre. 

I've had a wild ride in this business of show! And I can't wait to keep going!